Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Don't Care!

Have you ever seen one of them that cares about what I think? Did any of them ever respect my will? Did they ever consider the fact that I'm human too? They don't see us as humans, we're like useless forms that disturb their ways of making money. Being a human is much less important than having "faith". You can crap on someone's head, humiliate him, cut his limbs and still stay a saint. Just put some coins in the yellow boxes. Oh, and don't forget to say you're sorry once a year, it will get you a place in heaven, or the next world, depends on your religion.

When the so known "God" (holy shit, I wrote the "o") gave the people of Israel their ten basic rules, in one of them he said: "Don't kill!". I'll translate it for the less educated of you, it means you can't kill another human being, under any fucking circumstances. No matte what, you can't kill. Oh fuck, then came the corrections: don't kill another Jew, don't kill another God fearing Jew and so on. So it became "cool" to kill others unless they belong to one group or another. Then erasing entire cities became good and enslaving whole civilizations got back in fashion. Wait a second, wasn't in like that in the pagan times? So... why the fuck do we need a whole new and fancy monotheistic religion to tell us what to do? Power. It's a great tool to control the masses. One man that took over a country and enslaved millions under an unrealistic ideology called it opium, the only thing i agree with him.

Why should I care about their feelings? They don't really feel anything about this "God", they are persuaded into believing they care to have the power over me and the other "sinners" to do as they will, the power to control me without me even acknowledging it or accepting it. I will never put this stupid hat on my head at their ceremonies, not because I'm afraid of it or because it hurts me, but because I'm not going to be a part of this enslavement to stupidity. We obey them to make them happy. Well, fuck them, I don't want them to be happy. They can't think in a rational way and don't want me to be rational, unless they respect me and start to think, I'm not going to respect them, ever.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Do you believe in the cult of Satan?

Yup. I'm a great believer. The cult of Satan is where I get my power from. I sacrifice cats and dogs and drink the blood of the innocent.

Hail Satan! Hail Satan!

Why is it me who believes in "Satan" (I don't know how you can believe in a cult)? Why don't people think that the mindless cows in control that worship corruption believe in Satan? 'Cause we all got used to it already? 'Cause corruption became a great part of our life? 'Cause the one who will get promoted is the one who invites the bosses to dinner and not the one who works better?

Hail Satan! Hail Satan!

What's the difference between worshiping Satan and being a part of religion that sacrifices cattle to the divine? Why is it Okay to blindly follow orders from preachers and hate other groups of humans in the name of some unknown floating mind and it's wrong to believe in the animal side of humans? Religions and Satanism believe in the same thing under different names. Religions call it "Faith" while Satanism calls it "Being a Beast".

Hail Satan! Hail Satan!

The Holy Land? If it's so holy, why does it make so many humans die on it's territory for an unknown cause? We always seek for the Satan that makes all the evil upon earth, but in all time we failed to realize where that devil lies. We never understood that he's just under our feet. Satan is the combination of human stupidity and blind patriotism, the useless love to a piece of ground that comes from the need to expand our race. Yes, we have to breed. That's why we act like parasites. We conquer, eliminate, build our nests and protect them like Smeagol. With greed and lust, never tending to share what was never ours. A virus? Maybe Agent Smith wasn't wrong after all...

Hail Satan! Hail Satan!

Religions are the main cause (or maybe a main proof) of our xenophobia. We hate them 'cause they don't believe in God in the same way we do. We hate them 'cause they look different, we hate them 'cause they listen to a different style of music, we hate them 'cause we have to hate them. What else will unite us? We have to hate someone to love someone other. A twisted way to live your life isn't it?

What caused xenophobia? The belief in us being supreme, the belief in our elitism over other creatures. In a simple chain reaction, it led to supreme nationalities or supreme colors of humans. And where did it all come from? The need to have faith in a greater power. The need to be controlled and use it as an excuse of our control over others. The need to stay ignorant. The laziness that lies in each of us.

Hail Satan!

Thursday, January 25, 2007



Because sometimes I can observe humans from the side and see how the evolution abandoned us at some point as if deciding that this case is lost. Even those who believe in god should have seen it already. If there's any supreme force that created us and controls our life from some point at some beginning, it did a very lousy job."It" either didn't care about what it's doing or it was really drunk during the creation and then went like: "Wow... What the fuck? I'm out of here...".

Because. Because to get somewhere beyond regular job and life you have to be a fucking ass licker. Not just a regular ass licker, you have to lick some real fat and soft rectums. When someone tells you: "Look! These are my kids on this picture! Aren't they cute?" you answer: "Yea... They really look like you." instead of telling the motherfucker: "Ha? Get those little apes out of my fucking face! They look like your balls! Happy now?".

Because. Because there are angels. Yes. Of course there are. And for each child in the world, there's a little beautiful guarding angel that protects him from all the evil on this planet. And Jesus, the savior, he loves every single person in the world.

Because it is essential to pay money for religion. Otherwise, how will our old grandmas get happy and calm? It's the church that makes her live longer and easier, not the medicine, not the science. It's the power of god the almighty.

Because we feed the children with shit about the next world and the other beautiful worlds and instead of living in our world, we make them live in an imaginary sweet and protected world. We hide the real world from everyone, we hide it from ourselves. We don't hear what we don't have to hear, we don't see... and bla bla.

Because we see the fat ugly bitches that tell us what to do and we obey. Yes. We obey. Like some dumb puppets on unseen strings. We don't try to resist the stupidity, we don't try to fix anything, we just blindly obey.

Because we take guns into our hands and threat them like toys. We bring murdering tools to our home when we're on vacations and no one sees it as weird. Because we're protectors of the border. We protect the fat apes from their fears. We make them sleep well so that in the morning they can keep control of us. They tell us to be afraid, they tell us that the big world is scary, they tell us to obey the system, cause the system fucks back.

Because we're nothing more than mindless cattle. Afraid of the great master. Whatever the master tells us we believe. "There is God!", "Yes master, there is!". We do things we don't wanna do and we don't understand just to please the master. So the master won't get angry. "Yes master. I will do religious rituals with you to make the religious people happy. Because their opinion is important. Their feelings can get hurt if I don't. No master, I don't have feelings". We bullshit ourselves about respecting others when we actually try to look nice in the eyes of the others. Yes, I will stand for that old woman in the bus. But not because I give a fuck about her. I will stand and let her sit so that the other people in the bus won't think bad things about me. I will let her sit to earn my place in heaven. Yes. Heaven.

Why? Because. Because fuck you! I don't give a fuck about your feelings nor the fat cow's that commands me feelings.

We call them mad, we say they had issues. Why else would they have their brains on the wall? I think they're realistic.